Nathan Epler shares his “dirty” quad construction strategy

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    The New York Professional 2021 was already a big occasion, however two victorious athletes drew the race more memorable. Open winner Nick Walker obtained a whole lot of consideration for legitimate causes, however one other man who scored his spot as Olympia contender was contest 212 winner, Nathan Epler.

    The 27-year-old was capable of show up for the competition, go nose to nose with Olympia contender John Jewett and secured victory to grab his qualifier at this yr’s Olympia in Orlando, Florida in October. The sensation had not but been absolutely absorbed by Epler.

    “It is type of surreal, you realize, to enter my professional debut, my rookie season. In fact I knew what I had, the potential was there and I knew we might be a contender. In fact, there’s all the time a little bit doubt, you realize, being a newbie, and you do not know if you are going to get observed and stuff like that. So I needed to keep on with my weapons. “

    The “we” he referred to in his assertion referred to his spouse, Alexa, and his coach Matt Kouba. “My coach is a rare asset. He’s additionally a professional, an open bodybuilder. As for my spouse, she is a good supporter, she is my rock and he or she is my no. 1. He’s with me daily virtually pushing me each step of the best way.

    Epler’s Quad Coaching

    One cause for Epler’s success on stage it was the event of his quadriceps. So it ought to come as no shock that that is one among his favourite physique components to coach. “It has been one among my sturdy factors for years,” he stated confidently. They preserve getting stronger and extra deeply separated, and undoubtedly extra mature ”.

    His favourite quadriceps exercise exemplifies why they’re such a dominant a part of his physique. After a couple of minutes of stretching for the hip hips and knees, in addition to again extensions to organize the decrease again, will get to work straight away. He factors out that he calls it a excessive problem exercise. Do not go into this exercise flippantly. It’ll get intense shortly, due to a set he calls “the soiled 30”.

    Leg extensions and ‘Soiled 30’

    Epler likes to begin with an exercise of isolation to organize the quadriceps for the oncoming assault. He likes to begin coaching with leg extensions. “It warms my knees and joints very nicely. It additionally carries a ton of blood and vitamins to the cells and prepares them for the compound movements.

    After two average “build-up units” of about 20-25 reps every, she performs the ultimate set that has the fascinating title. As you may think about, that is 30 reps, however they are not all achieved equally.

    “They’re three segments of 10 repetitions every. The primary 10 is with a two second maintain on the prime of the rep. The second 10 are regular and steady reps and the final 10 reps are with a 3 second adverse. So that you

    you truly hit the highest and do a 3 second adverse as you go down. It is loud, however it’s additionally excessive depth. “Give your self a two minute relaxation after this set.” The quads will really feel destroyed after this. “

    Hack Squat

    After Epler finishes Soiled 30, he heads to the automobile for the sled hack squat for 3 units. The primary is a warm-up set at about 60% effort, in order that it will possibly acclimate the joints to the motion. The latter two are what he calls an “all-out” set.

    “After I say all-out, I imply I am nearly as much as failure or failure. I wish to hit failure at round 10-14 reps. Epler likes to maintain his ft about 12 inches aside, together with his toes barely protruding. He additionally desires you to give attention to sustaining weight management.

    “Test all of it the best way into the outlet throughout the rep after which explode all the best way to the highest.”

    Leg press

    The third motion of the day is the leg press. He’ll use wider foot placement with straight toes right here than he did with hack squats to focus on the quad tear in addition to adductors. “I normally do two units of sensations as a result of I can go so onerous on this one. I do the primary set for about 12 reps every, including weight within the center. The second set will probably be for round six to eight reps. Once more, not the perfect effort but, you simply do not wish to skip tons of of kilos with out making ready for it.

    The 2 units of labor can have a rep vary of 15 to 20, going to the brink of failure. “Preserve weight management, although, even with the upper reps.” Because of the quantity of labor he had already achieved, he didn’t discover it needed to make use of knee wraps. He understands if others assume they need to.

    “In the event you’re getting as much as the purpose that you just’re doing super-heavy weights for 15-20 reps, you may undoubtedly put on knee pads or wraps.”

    Dumbbell lunges with Superset adductor machine

    The Indiana native ends his quad coaching with a superset. It’ll begin with the lunges and finish with the adductors, which is a singular mixture, doing two or three supersets of 10 to 12 reps per leg for the lunges and 20 reps for the adductors. No accumulation units are wanted right here.

    “Lunges hit the edges, the surface, the glutes and the hamstrings. Adductors take the inside thigh, so that you get the perfect of each worlds, ”explains Epler. It additionally shares one closing trick for this motion.

    “Each fifth rep, take a 5 second maintain within the center. It is fairly robust. “

    Why not do squats?

    There’s an elephant within the room and Nathan Epler wasted no time coping with it. He hunkered down so much early in his profession, however he does not really feel that they assist him a lot immediately.

    “On occasion I combine squats with the Smith machine or perhaps a security bar squat. Nonetheless, I do not get sufficient cash on the barbell squat. I’ve handled low again ache previously. Additionally, you want to have good mobility within the ankles and knees with the squat. To maintain my physique wholesome and protected in addition to growing my quadriceps, I’ve simply discovered higher methods to isolate my quadriceps. “

    Olympia Certain

    Because the proprietor of Epler Elite Coaching and Diet, Epler is now all-in for the 2021 Olympia 212 Showdown due to his win earlier within the season. He won’t take part in every other reveals between now and Olympia. Now he feels a better sense of confidence now that he has that have and that success. “I simply needed my probability, and I knew that if I stayed, saved my head down and adopted all of it at T, and actually, actually pushed it to that subsequent stage, we may have potential to struggle. All about Orlando now. “

    Quad Routine by Epler

    • Leg extension – 2 warm-up sequence of 20 to 25 repetitions. 1 set of labor of 30 complete repetitions (The Soiled 30).
    • Hack Squat – 1 warm-up sequence of 10-14 repetitions. 2 working units of 10-14 units.
    • Leg press – 2 warm-up units of 12 and eight repetitions. 2 units of labor of 15-20 repetitions.
    • Superset dumbbell lunge with adductor machine – Three supersets of 10-12 reps and 20 reps respectively. *

    * Maintain each fifth repetition for 5 seconds within the center.

    + Relaxation for 2-Three minutes between units.


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