Queen Elizabeth: what are her favorite chocolates?

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    Life is a field of candies, stated the mom of Forrest Gump. However if you’re there Queen Elizabeth II you in all probability know precisely what you wish to discover in it. And above all what you’ll find there. As certainly he revealed Adam Lee, the maître chocolatier of luxurious patisserie Charbonnel et Walker, His Majesty would have gods well-defined flavors by way of candies.

    Though reluctant to essentially point out what the Elizabeth II’s favourite candies, throughout transmission a Billion Pound Bond Road, Lee gave in and let it slip that the queen would have very “floral” chocolate flavors“. Clearly the selection can solely fall on the rose and violet candies, a real very British specialty, which the sovereign would notably recognize for her moments of leisure within the title of sweets.

    Then again, it’s no thriller that the UK sovereign has a real passion for sweets and, particularly, for chocolate. It was in actual fact revealed a while in the past by the royal pastry of the crown the queen’s favorite cake recipe which clearly relies on darkish chocolate. And who is aware of if, from being the meals of the gods, chocolate doesn’t formally develop into the meals of kings and queens.


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