The summer bob cut is the flob, the “choppy” bob with flat waves

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    It is aware of no seasonality and is probably the most versatile of all. Let’s discuss (clearly) concerning the lower bob, which this summer time is available in model flob, offers flat iron bob, that’s characterised by flat waves and diffuse motion. The time period was coined by George Northwood, London-based hairstylist of some stars, together with Alexa Chung.

    The flob is a “flat bob excellent for i straight hair as a result of it offers them rather more motion. It’s a straight lower, completely symmetrical, which will be worn lengthy as much as the collarbones or barely shorter. Presents a delicate scaling imperceptible that particularly enhances the round faces as a result of it optically lengthens its form.

    How is the flob

    It’s above all what makes the bob lower a flob styling. First they half their hair with the middle row and a texturizing spray is sprayed on the person strands. The flat wave impact is due to the styler: “You need to slide the plate with an alternating motion of the wrist up and down, ”he explains George Northwood within the video tutorial he shared on his social channels. The key to getting flat waves, is to depart the information straight and never overdo the zig zag impact.

    The motion begins from roots and it’s extra pronounced within the higher a part of the top. “The flob is the other of a cumbersome look and bouncy, it is extremely pure, a no coiffure – coiffure”Says Northwood. One type edgy that may solely be obtained with the straightener and that provides mild waves as for those who have been there as quickly as you get away from bed, and that is its coolest aspect. If you cannot attain a couple of strands of hair behind your head, flobing is not an issue and Northwood recommends leaving them pure.


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